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Call Tracking for Shopify

Shopify is a stand alone ecommerce platform for businesses to create and utilize an online shopping presence. With WhatConverts, you can track your incoming calls, forms, chats and transactions in your Shopify store. Having call tracking in Shopify can lead to an increase in sales, customer satisfaction and give you the information to know what marketing converts from incoming calls.

You can get started tracking your Shopify calls in just minutes. First, you will need to set up Tracking Numbers in your WhatConverts account. See: Setting up Call Tracking in WhatConverts

Add the WhatConverts Script to your Shopify Site

1Login to your Shopify site. Under Sales Channels, click “Online Store” and select “Themes“. Next to your current theme, click “Customize“.

How to change a Shopify Theme to enable Complete Call Tracking

2In the bottom left side of the Customization page, click “Theme Actions” and select “Edit code”.

Edit the code of a Shopify Page for Easy Call Tracking

3Under Sections locate and select “(/)header.liquid“. Paste your WhatConverts tracking script before the last {% endif %}.

    Note: Your WhatConverts tracking script can be found in your WhatConverts Dashboard under your Profile by selecting “Settings” and “Tracking Code” from the left side menu.

Header Edit of a Shopify Page for Call Tracking

Click “Save“.

Your WhatConverts Call Tracking is now Active on your Shopify store.