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How do I Track Direct Mail or Offline Campaigns?

Not only can WhatConverts be used to track your online sources, but you can also track your offline sources, such as direct mailers with a combination of an offline number for your mailer and UTM parameters.

Create an Offline Tracking Number for your Direct Mail or Offline Marketing Materials

1Go to your WhatConverts dashboard. Under Profile, select “Tracking” and click “Phone Numbers“.
2Click “Add Phone Number“. Select between Local and Toll Free and click “Buy Number“. In the prompt, give your phone number an easily recognizable name that identifies your marketing campaign or direct mail piece, enter your Destination Number, choose your call options and select “No” for Dynamic Phone Number Insertion.

    Note: This tracking number will only be used for offline marketing materials. Setting the number to “No” for dynamic phone number insertion allows you to track calls that come directly from the offline material.

Adding an Offline Tracking Number

Click “Update“.

Track your Calls from Offline Marketing Materials that Click Through to your Website

Important: Before setting up tracking to your site, make sure that you are tracking your incoming leads using an All Traffic Dynamic Number Pool and you have your WhatConverts Tracking Script installed on your page. This ensures you don’t miss any incoming leads and you’ll know what marketing converts!

1Use a URL builder (such as the Google Analytics URL Builder) to create a URL using an identifiable Source and Medium. This will identify that a user has come from your marketing material. Copy the generated URL.

    Note:WhatConverts can use the UTM parameters for Source, Medium, Campaign, Content and Keyword.

URL Builder
2Create a short URL for your Direct Mail or Offline Marketing materials. Two main options for shortening your new, UTM rich URL:

  • Use a URL redirect from your own domain (such as YourDomain.com/Offer). You may need to have your web developer create a link that redirects to your newly generated URL, but many popular domain hosting sites, such as GoDaddy, offer guides on how to create a URL redirect as well
  • Create a short URL using Bit.ly or Rebrand.ly that forwards to the URL you created.

Use this URL on your Direct Mail & Offline Marketing.
This short URL can be placed on your Offline Marketing to forward to your full, UTM rich URL.

3Look for incoming leads from your offline marketing in your WhatConverts Dashboard. You will see your UTM parameters populate as shown below in the Lead Details pop up.
Calling from an All Traffic Number Pool

You’ll now be tracking calls to your Direct Mail or Offline Marketing material as well as the users who visit your site from all of your sources, giving you full marketing transparency and giving you the power to know what marketing converts.