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How do I Stop a Field from Being Tracked?

When you have information being submitted in a form on your site, you can choose which fields to also stop (or hide) from being tracked inside of WhatConverts.

To address this issue, we suggest implementing an attribute on form fields that you wish to not track.

1Find the field that you wish to stop tracking in your form.

This is an example of a Credit Card Number entry field:

<input name="creditcardnum" id="creditcardnum">

2Add data-wc-ignore="true" to the field attributes.

The updated field will be:

<input name="creditcardnum" id="creditcardnum" data-wc-ignore="true">

The field or fields that you specify with this attribute will no longer track inside of WhatConverts.

WhatConverts also offers Selective Form Tracking so you only track the forms you want.