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The Traffic Source is Missing From Leads

To track the traffic source of every lead, the tracking code must appear on every page of your website. When visitors arrive at your website on different pages before submitting a form, WhatConverts needs to be able to track the visitors at the time they arrive on your website.

To find if the tracking code is on your page follow these steps:

    1Open your website in a browser of your choice.
    2Right click your mouse and select “View page source“. Press CTRL+F on your keyboard to open the search feature. Enter “scripts.” in the search box.
    3This should take you to the tracking code within the page source and should look something likeĀ  <script src=”//scripts.iconnode.com/*****.js”></script>
    4If you do not find the tracking code on your website, you will need to add it. You can find your tracking code in the “Settings” then “Tracking Code” section on the left side menu of your WhatConverts dashboard.

Note: If you have your Tracking Code installed via Google Tag Manager, you will need to check to make sure your Google Tag snippet is on your page.