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Set up Dynamic Number Pool to Track Organic Traffic

WhatConverts uses a pool of telephone numbers for your dynamic number pool. These numbers are dynamically assigned and recycled to different users. Using a pool of tracking numbers gives you the data of an enterprise level system, while only requiring a small number of phone numbers. 

Creating a dynamic number pool for Organic Traffic will not only give you the source and medium the visitor used to get to your website, but will also display where on the site the lead was generated from and where the visitor initially landed.

This article will help show you how to set up tracking for Organic traffic. See our other setup articles: Set up Keyword Tracking for Paid (PPC) Traffic or Dynamic Number Pools for All Traffic

    Note: If you are tracking multiple traffic sources, we recommend using an All Traffic number pool.

1Determine how many numbers you will need for your dynamic number pool.

Find the peak number of visitors on your website within an hour. If you’re using Google Analytics, go to your dashboard and select the “Audience” > “Overview“. Choose the “Hourly” view on the top right of the chart.

Add a “Segment” (found above the chart), find and apply the “Organic Traffic” segment.

Organic Traffic

Look for the normal high peaks in the chart by looking for how many visitors you have on your website at one time (concurrent users).

Use this formula to calculate the amount of phone numbers you will need:

    Visitors During Peak Hour x Average Session Duration / 60 x 4

For example, your website has 40 visitors in its busiest hours. Also note the average session duration, we will use 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

    40 visitors x 2.5 minutes/60×4 which gives us a total of 7 numbers for our Dynamic Number Pool.

2Create a Dynamic Number Pool for Organic Traffic.

Go to your WhatConverts dashboard and click on the “Tracking” left side menu item. Select “Phone Numbers”. Click on “Add Dynamic Number Pool“, name your pool, type in your Swap Number, select “Search” as your Trigger Source, select (from the drop-down menus) “All” (to track Bing, Yahoo and Google organic traffic) and “Organic“, then hit “Add“.

Call Tracking for Organic Traffic

3Assign tracking numbers to your dynamic number pool.

  1. Click “Add Phone Number” to setup a new number to assign to the dynamic number pool. If you need help setting up the number, read the article Setting up Tracking Numbers.
    • Note: You can also edit existing numbers to add them to your Organic Traffic Dynamic Number Pool by selecting the “gear” icon next to your tracking number.
  2. Assign this phone number to the Dynamic Number Pool you created. Hit “Update“.
  3. Repeat for each number that is needed. You can also reassign numbers by clicking “Edit Number” and changing the trigger to your Dynamic Number Pool.

Select Organic Traffic Pool

4Test your tracking implementation.

To simulate a Google Organic click, add ?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&wc_clear=true to the end of your URL.

    Example: http://www.whatconverts.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&wc_clear=true